The Project

The main goal of this project is to help persons with autism to improve their personal development through music. For that reason we want to become a Foundation as soon as possible, and carry out the following goals:

– Organization of interactive concerts for people with autism or other development disorders.
– Service of therapies based on music.
– Promotion of music therapies in schools and autism treatment centers.
– Training parents and teachers for the application of music therapy.


Interactive Concerts

We organize interactive concerts, where people with autism enjoy live music and interact with musicians. Concerts have usually two parts. In the first part the band or bands play music. In the second part children are encouraged to go up to the stage for an improvised percussion session, where they also play the different instruments.


Music for Autism Music Therapy Promotion

We want to encourage music therapy among the educational community, and that’s why we offer free chats both to parents and to educational centers. We also organize small concerts in educational centers so that people with autism can enjoy themselves, interacting and taking part through the use of percussion instruments.


Music Therapy Service

We offer a service of music therapy specialized in autism to individuals and to autism treatment centers. For families that fulfill certain requirements (lack of economic resources) the service will be partially or fully funded.



We offer a training service in music therapy for parents, teachers, musicians, psychologists, etc.

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